Joey Belladonna Performs Heaven and Hell Live at Tavern At The Bay, New York


A few months ago, we were chilling at this sweet-ass bar on the water called Tavern At The Bay, just near Syracuse, NY. It just so happened that current and longtime Anthrax vocalist, not to mention hard-working solo touring artist Joey Belladonna was appearing at the bar for a set of 70’s and 80’s rock’n’roll classics.

Tavern At The Bay co-owner Mike Rafferty, whose brother Marcus is HELLYEAH's top road dog. Good bar, good people.

Tavern At The Bay owner Mike Rafferty, whose brother and bartender Marcus is HELLYEAH’s top road dog. Good bar, good people.

Performing as Chief Big Way, this clip shows Joey and company riffing and crooning their way through Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell with style.