Madball – Live at Heavy Montreal 2014


The continued rise of Madball in the global heavy music scene is but one of many feats that can’t be taken from the reigning kings of street-style New York hardcore. As the band has spent the last many years piling up successful tours and an impressive pace of new releases, Nuclear Blast Records has stepped up to the plate and chosen backed Madball for their latest LP, Hardcore Lives; a winning endorsement from the leading label in heavy music, having recently signed Slayer, and boasting a roster of legendary and fresh talent the likes of which have not been seen in decades from a label in this community.


Add into the mix Madball’s true spirit that can’t be copied from Youtube, and what you’ll find is a band that has stuck it out through changing tastes in both hardcore and metal, the rising cost of touring, and a surge of new dedicated bands in the scene, among other variables that threaten the careers of most bands. Their recent performances at North American festivals such as Heavy Montreal and a special Set It Off 20th anniversary headlining set This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia a mere two weeks earlier are clear indications that the band is still at the cutting edge of heavy music with their signature blasts of groovy metallic hardcore and their hearts of steel which so many of their fans admire them for. Be sure to support them on the international campaign for Hardcore Lives which is set to commence shortly, and crank the bass on this live set.